About The Soul Messengerz

November 25, 2008 The Soul Messengerz was born, Originating from Washington DC the members of Pastor DeCarlo Coley, Justin Young, Jamez Vines Sr., Johnny Matthews, Minister Charles A. Young, Craig Wheatley & James Vines Jr. have performed and covered a wide spectrum of audiences.  

The Soul Messengerz Accomplishments consist of Billboard Top 50, National Winners of the 2010 Allstate Gospel Superfest Battle of the Bands, Frequency Magazine, Gospel Now Magazine, Nominated Stellar Award Gospel Artist. 

3916 Bexley Pl. Suitland MD 20746


1800 Hamlin St. NE Washington DC 20018

LIVE Feb. 15th @ New Creation in Christ BC

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Only the Strong Survive


Performing Live Feb. 15th at 3916 Bexley Pl New Creation in Christ BC Suitland MD 20746

*Live Feb. 07th at 1800 Hamilin ST Pleasant Grove BC Wash. DC NE 20018

LIVE Feb. 07th @ Pleasant Grove BC